Safari | Eau De Parfum 90ml | by Fragrance World – FilledWithBarakah
Safari | Eau De Parfum 90ml | by Fragrance World

Safari | Eau De Parfum 90ml | by Fragrance World

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Safari Aroma by Fragrance World is a tireless vital energy filled with a kaleidoscope of aromas. This fragrance is like a kind of olfactory expedition, a journey to the sunnier side of your spirit.

Safari Aromat will take you on a path of aromas through a sun-kissed beach, smelling like fresh sea breezes. Refreshing and calming, it gives you a breath of peace and rest from nature. The aroma of this fragrance, which can be described as relaxing by the sea, will refresh you and inspire you with a new rhythm of life.

Floral and tropical fruit notes, such as a combination of freshly picked flowers and exotic fruits, invite you to a feast of fresh and intoxicating garden aromas. They inspire optimism and confidence, they remind us that we should look at life with a smile and a happy attitude.

A combination of neroli and orange blossom, it is a premium scent that resembles sun-kissed lemon blossoms, refreshing and invigorating. Soft and subtropical, this fragrance will make you feel like you are on the coast of a tropical island enjoying the summer.

Finally, warm amber embodies a sense of independence and sophistication. Like priceless pearls, these fragrance notes add softness and lightness, giving the fragrance a matte, elegant finish.

Discover Safari Aroma, not just a scent, but an embodiment of adventure and determination. Designed for active, temperamental and determined people who are ready to immerse themselves in the safari of life.

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin orange, lemon, bitter orange, lavender, rosemary and myrtle.

Heart notes: African orange blossom, neroli, jasmine.

Base notes: amber, ambrette (musk mallow).