Raw Human | Eau De Parfum 100ml | by Lattafa Pride – FilledWithBarakah
Raw Human | Eau De Parfum 100ml | by Lattafa Pride

Raw Human | Eau De Parfum 100ml | by Lattafa Pride

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Raw Human Perfume / Eau de Parfum 100ml by Lattafa Pride 

Raw Human 100ml Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Pride is a fragrance that combines a variety of notes to create a unique and intriguing olfactory experience. This perfume is designed to evoke a sense of raw sensuality and individuality.

  • Top Notes: Apricot, Plum, Pink Pepper
  • Middle Notes: Osmanthus, Fir
  • Base Notes: Leather, Olibanum (Frankincense), Styrax

The perfume opens with a burst of fruity and spicy notes. Apricot and plum provide a succulent and juicy fruitiness, while pink pepper adds a hint of spiciness and vibrancy to the top notes.

As the fragrance develops, it transitions into the heart notes, taking on a more floral and woody character. Osmanthus, known for its apricot-like aroma with floral and leathery undertones, adds a unique and intriguing facet to the composition. Fir contributes a woody and green aroma, enhancing the overall depth of the scent.

In the base, Raw Human settles into a warm and sensual drydown. Leather, a classic note in perfumery, adds a touch of ruggedness and sophistication to the fragrance. Olibanum, also known as frankincense, provides a resinous and slightly smoky quality, adding a sense of depth and mystery. Styrax, with its sweet and balsamic aroma, adds a warm and inviting facet to the composition.

Raw Human is a fragrance that aims to capture the complexity and individuality of human nature. It combines fruity, floral, woody, and resinous elements to create a scent that is both intriguing and captivating. This fragrance is ideal for those who appreciate perfumes that are bold, sensual, and multifaceted.

In summary, Raw Human Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Pride is a fragrance that blends fruity, floral, woody, and resinous notes to create a captivating and complex scent. With its unique combination of ingredients, it seeks to express the raw sensuality and individuality of the wearer. This fragrance is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their scent and embrace their inner complexity.