Bint Hooran Gift Set | 3 Pcs | by Ard Al Zaafaran – FilledWithBarakah
Bint Hooran Gift Set | 3 Pcs | by Ard Al Zaafaran

Bint Hooran Gift Set | 3 Pcs | by Ard Al Zaafaran

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The notes of this perfume are similar to those of Good Girl. It would be an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys this type of smell at a lower cost. Bint Hooran is characterized by floral beauty in harmony of individual essential oils of precious trees and warm spices.

The introduction spreads out an elegant interplay of green cypress trees with a sweetly delicious tangerine with oriental spice headed by coriander, wormwood and sage. Other citrus fruits, bergamot and lemon are on the scene accompanied by sweetly irritating cinnamon, spicy nutmeg and bittersweet saffron. Warm spice is replaced by the elegance of flowers, dominated by narcotic gardenia, icy fragility of lilies of the valley and gentle touches of lotus. Another great game is the creamy sweet vanilla in a soft creamy embrace of cedar and sandalwood.

Top Notes: Coriander, Cypress, Mandarin and Lemon
Middle Notes: Nutmeg, Saffron, Lily of the Valley and Blue Lotus
Bottom Notes: Tahiti Vetiver, Musk, Sandalwood and Cedar

This 3 Piece Gift Set Includes:
1 x Perfume Mist 250ml
1 x Perfume EDP 100ml
1 x Air Freshener 300ml